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Meet playful, caring, and sweet Roberto. Roberto is very expressive and loves to play with Playdough, fidget spinners, and make slime. When Roberto wants to play outside, he enjoys riding his scooter to the park, or swimming in his pool and showing off his underwater flips.

Roberto also loves to play board games and watch TV shows such as Dare and he says his favorite movie is Incredibles 2.

Roberto likes school and loves his math teacher. Roberto’s favorite class is Math because he enjoys learning about multiplication. Roberto is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up yet but he says he is thinking about being a math teacher as well.

Roberto’s perfect day would include going to Disneyland. Of course, if that is not possible, he says he would also love eating his favorite food, green beans, or going to a Chinese buffet so he can eat anything he is feels like and end the meal with a helping of ice-cream. Roberto says he is not picky but he mostly enjoys spending quality time together.

Roberto would thrive in a one or two parent family without siblings or siblings much older than him. He would also do well in a very structured home with a lot of routine. Roberto says he would also like a family that is very playful and patient.

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