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Roberta is artistic, charismatic, and thoughtful. She relishes having new experiences and would love to learn a foreign language. Roberta is multitalented and enjoys writing music, singing, dancing, playing the piano, and painting. She enjoys school and her favorite subject is English. She likes many different types of music, and her current favorite band is Cavetown because she finds them relaxing. Roberta’s ideal day would include going to the mall or waterpark, working on her music, doing a physical activity such as playing volleyball and eating some of her favorite foods which include chicken alfredo, pasta, and alfredo pizza. Roberta is compassionate and shares that her favorite animals are cats and dogs.

Although she would be open to being the only child, connections are important to Roberta, and she would love to have younger brothers or sisters. Roberta is hoping for a fun, adventurous, caring, and supportive family who would want to go on walks and see movies with her. She wants her future family to know that she is open-minded, kind, talented, and creative.

Roberta was born in 2007.

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