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Riley and Michael

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Meet Riley and Michael!

Riley is a cheerful, engaging, and optimistic young lady. Riley loves playing volleyball with her friends whenever she gets the chance! She also enjoys swimming, coloring, and playing soccer. One of her favorite restaurants is Native where she likes to get spicy boneless wings. She enjoys listening to any kind of music. Her favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire and PD.

Riley enjoys school and is in 6th grade. Her favorite subjects are math and social studies. She also enjoys getting to socialize with her friends. Riley’s future goals are to graduate from high school and get involved with the fire or police departments. She would also really like to learn how to cook!

Michael is an energetic, joyful, and sweet little boy. Michael loves Paw Patrol and trucks! Michael’s favorite foods are peanut butter and ice cream. He also enjoys going to Burger King and getting chicken nuggets and French fries. Michael has fun singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABC’s. Michael loves it when he and an adult can spend time playing together with Michael’s toys.

Riley and Michael would do best in a home with a mom and dad or a single mom with or without pets. A home where Michael can be the youngest child would be best. Riley and Michael need a family who can provide structure, routine, and lots of one-on-one attention. The ideal family will be willing to learn how to meet Michael’s needs, advocate for him, and help him to thrive. Riley’s idea of a family is “people who love you and care about you.” Only AZ families are being considered at this time.

Riley was born in 2009 and Michael was born in 2017.

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