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Rene and Joel

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Rene and Joel are two active brothers who get along well with each other. Rene is an athletic, caring and positive 13-year old boy who loves playing basketball with his friends. His brother Joel is intelligent, athletic and creative. 10-year old Joel would love to learn how to play the violin or the flute and join a school music program. Both boys enjoy swimming and they would benefit from a family who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Rene is in 7th grade and enjoys school, especially science. He thinks school is his ticket to getting a good job, and he also loves to socialize with friends. Rene has big dreams of playing professional basketball or joining the Marines when he grows up. Joel is in 4th grade and does well in school. His favorite subject is math.

The boys love to watch movies and go out to dinner. Rene’s favorite restaurant is Panda Express and Joel loves IHOP. They would fit in with a family who enjoys watching sports, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Rene and Joel are respectful and polite young boys who would do well in a home with one or two parents, with or without other children in the home. Joel dreams that his new family will take him to Disneyland and SeaWorld someday.

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