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Rebekkah, who goes by Becky, is a sweet, talkative young lady with an infectious smile. She might appear quiet at first, but get her talking about the Disney Channel or animals and she quickly opens up. Becky’s sense of humor is subtle but it’s there. She will sometimes say something and then stare at you to see if you caught what she was saying. Becky enjoys hanging out with her friends, especially during PE, although she says Math is her favorite subject. Becky does well in school and is a favorite of all of her teachers, for sure.

Becky acts like a typical teen with her friends, making jokes and acting goofy together. Becky really likes going out to malls and parks, but also enjoys hanging out around the house. Becky is a simple girl. Her perfect day would begin playing at a McDonald’s playground, watching Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb, and eating a meal at her favorite restaurant, In and Out burger. If she were feeling really adventurous she would go to the zoo and tell you everything there is to know about the Penguins, which are her favorite!

Becky would do well in a one or two parent home with siblings of any age. Her gentle temperament would make her a great big sister for younger children.

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