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Raymond is friendly and bursting with personality. In his free time, he enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. Raymond is friendly and with lots of personality. He loves gymnastics and working on new tumbling passes. During the summer, He looks forward to swimming and going to the trampoline park. He also likes walking around local stores with friends and going to the movies. Though he does not watch much TV, SpongeBob is his favorite show.

Raymond enjoys the social aspects of school and being with friends. He enjoys remaining active and says his favorite class is P.E. Raymond gets along with peers well and is very outgoing. He is often reported to be kind and friendly. Raymond looks forward to joining more extracurricular activities and hopes to join the cheer team next school year. Raymond dreams of one day becoming an actor but is not certain what his future may hold and is open to exploring opportunities as they come.

Raymond would do best in a two-parent household that can prioritize him and give him lots of love and attention. He wants a family that can care for him and supports him in being his authentic self. He loves animals and is open to having pets in the home.

Raymond was born in 2009.

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