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Meet Paris!

Paris is artistic, creative, affectionate, and fun-loving. She laughs and dances with abandon to express her happiness. She is curious and likes to ask questions. Paris enjoys cleaning the kitchen and keeping the dishes clean and organized. Paris loves everything pink and sparkly, including flowers, rainbows, and unicorns. Her idea of a perfect day is to spend time with someone she loves drawing pictures of rainbows, dancing, and watching Disney princess movies while snacking on a bowl of pears. Rounding out her day with her favorite dinner of Sushi and broccoli, then helping to do the dishes after dinner.

Paris likes to write and tell creative stories at school and enjoys playing and dancing around the playground with her friends. Paris shows care and concern for those who are closest to her and enjoys spending time engaging in creative activities with small groups of close family and friends. Paris would like to grow up and be a dancer or a Disney Princess.

The ideal family for Paris would be a mom and dad who are creative, calm, and structured, with plenty of time and flexibility to engage in one-on-one activities. The family should either have older adult children, one female older teen child, or no other children in the home. Paris does well with dogs, but the family should not have cats. The family should live in the state to allow Paris to keep her supportive connections.

Paris was born in 2014.

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