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Meet charming, artistic and imaginative Nathan.  Nathan enjoys playing video games and card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, and reading comic books. He also loves to write and illustrate his own comic books and says he might be a comic book writer someday.

Nathan is very social and likes to be the life of the party with his friends while entertaining them with his epic stories or comic book designs. Nathan also enjoys playing sports like Football and Basketball and has a fascination with fast cars. Nathan says his favorite music is Hip Hop and sometimes even writes his own lyrics.

Nathan is improving in school socially and academically and enjoys reading and writing very much. He says he prefers fiction books that include mythical lands and super heroes.

Nathan would benefit from a one or two parent home, preferably without siblings or in a home where he is the youngest child. Nathan would do well in a family that would give him a lot of love, attention, and structure to help him maintain a routine.

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