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Meet Nathan!

He is a fun-loving teen who likes swimming and playing at the park with his friends. Nathan is easily entertained by different craft projects that involve paper and glue, especially making slime. Nathan has a great sense of humor, and he delights in telling jokes and making people laugh.

When Nathan isn’t spending time outside, you can find him playing video games on his Xbox and watching YouTube videos. He also enjoys coloring and is very interested in superheroes.

Nathan’s favorite class is science, and one of his best memories of school was when he built a replica of Earth with moveable plates to understand how earthquakes happen. Nathan’s favorite food is hot wings (the hotter the better!) and he will never turn down a visit to his favorite restaurant- Golden Corral.

Nathan has said that he would love to join a two-parent home with at least one parent who creates YouTube content. His team is looking for a trauma-informed family that can offer security, stability, and love.

Nathan was born in 2005.

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