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Meet Myla!

Myla is an adorable, sweet little girl. She loves to listen and dance along to music. She has an independent spirit and is very silly at times. Myla enjoys going on walks outside in her stroller and going to the park. She especially loves going on the swing sets or down the slides. She loves to play with her musical toys that make sounds, read her stories, or sing songs. At times she will even mimic songs and babble along to the tune. Myla enjoys the comfort of her own home and is perfectly happy rolling around on her blanket or being wrapped up in it while listening to music.

Myla loves going to school and will kick her legs in excitement when she knows it’s a school day. She attends a school that fits her needs and works with her to help her reach her developmental goals. She does great at school with the teachers and other children. She does well with others and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Myla would do great in a two-parent home that can adapt to her visual impairments and provide for her needs accordingly. She would do best in a nurturing family that can offer her plenty of attention and love. She would thrive in a family structure that can help her reach her desired developmental milestones and provide her with adequate supervision and support. Myla gets along well with others and wouldn’t mind having siblings of any age or gender. Overall, when Myla feels safe and secure, she is a very happy and playful little girl.

Myla was born in 2018.

*Child is available in-state only. Arizona families are being considered at this time.

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