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Miracle is a sweet, bubbly, and loving young lady who is always thinking of others. Miracle enjoys singing in her school choir, spending time with friends, going for walks, riding bikes, and throwing around a baseball and football. She also likes to go roller skating and ice skating. Miracle’s favorite type of food is Mexican food, specifically enchiladas and tamales. Her favorite restaurants are Red Robin, McDonalds, and In-N-Out because she really likes french fries! Miracle enjoys listening to all types of music, but her favorites are Christian music and rap music. Miracle prefers funny TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

Miracle enjoys school and does well in her classes. Her favorite subject is history. She especially likes her history, choir, and English teachers. Miracle has goals of graduating from high school, attending college, and becoming a nurse at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Miracle would do best in a home with one or two parents with or without other children, although Miracle would prefer to have siblings. Miracle thinks some good family activities would include going on vacations, going to the mall, going to movies, playing games, and baking. Miracle would like any potential families to know that she is upbeat, loves animals, loves kids, and enjoys having the freedom to spend time with her friends.

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