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Meet Mathew!

Mathew is a friendly and positive boy who loves animals and YouTube. Mathew’s inquisitive nature leads him to be curious and eager to learn about the people and things around him.

Mathew shared that he especially likes pepperoni pizza. In school, Mathew’s favorite subject is math. His favorite TV show is SpongeBob and his favorite movie is also the SpongeBob movie. In his free time, he likes to play video games such as Minecraft, Lego City, and car games. Matthew is also caring; he would like to give some of his money to help feed dogs that are living in shelters. However, Mathew’s love for animals also extends to hamsters and lizards; and he would hopes to have one or both of these as a pet in his adoptive home.

Mathew wants to learn more about computers and hopes to be a pet store owner in the future! His ideal day is seeing his friends, having a sleepover, and then going to church.

Matthew’s ideal family would be a home with lots of love, and a few other children (preferably older boys) that he could learn from and have a lot of fun with. Matthew would do best in a home with lots of structure and stability as he grows into all that he can be.

Matthew was born in 2008.

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