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Meet Matthew, he is an active, friendly, outgoing boy who loves to be outside and play games. Matthew said that some of his favorite games are Tag, Chase, and Cops and Robbers. Matthew likes being the Cops because they are the good guys. Matthew’s favorite sports are Basketball and Football, his favorite athlete is LeBron James. While at home during the summer you can find Matthew in the pool or jumping on the trampoline. Matthew does spend time inside too, looking at his rock collection or playing board games.

Matthew likes pizza, Pepperoni Pizza from Peter Piper Pizza. Matthew likes to play the games and “win ALL of the tickets”. Some of Matthew’s other favorite things are the Power Rangers, particularly the Red and Green ones because “they are so powerful!” In school, Matthew’s Favorite subject is Math. Some of his favorite shows are Batman, The Flash, and PJ Mask. Matthew is caring also; he would like to give some of his money to help feed dogs that are living in shelters.

Matthew’s ideal family would be a home with lots of love, and a few others, preferably, older boys that he could learn from and have a lot of fun with. Matthew would do best in a home with lots of structure and stability as he grown into all that he could be.

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