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Meet Mathew!

Mathew is a kind-hearted, polite, and soft-spoken teen boy. He enjoys being active and playing sports, especially football and soccer. Mathew has been making leaps in bounds in his studies and states that his favorite classes are art, history, and P.E.

Mathew has a passion for cooking and baking and reports that he keeps a lot of his recipes in his memory. He also enjoys animals and hopes to one day live on a ranch or farm with a lot of land.

Mathew likes to spend his downtime either playing video games, drawing, or watching movies. He also likes reading comic books and bike riding. In addition, Mathew enjoys building things such as Legos or bikes.

Although Mathew can get along with other children, it would be great if he could have a home where he is the only child. Mathew does great one-on-one and would benefit from having a strong father figure in his life. In addition, a home with lots of love, patience, and structure would be ideal.

Mathew was born in 2005.

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