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Meet Marvin!

A kind, respectful, and giving child who loves to play outside and go swimming! When outside, Marvin loves to play with Nerf guns or play sports like basketball and soccer. The Clippers are Marvin’s favorite team but Steph Curry and Lebron James are Marvin’s favorite players. Lego Land and the beaches of San Diego are two places that Marvin wants to be all the time! When at home, Marvin loves to hang out with the other foster youth in the home and watch Goosebumps movies. Marvin is described as a foodie with a huge love for bananas and spaghetti.

Marvin is in first grade and loves school, especially math. At school, Marvin loves to spend time on the school’s Chromebook and with friends. Marvin is on the quiet side until there is more engagement. Marvin is also outgoing, caring, and sweet. Being in the Air Force has been Marvin’s dream for years and he dreams of flying the jets or helicopters.

The ideal family for Marvin would be an experienced family who can provide patience, structure, and routine. A family who understands trauma is important as well. The family for Marvin can have other youth in the home but the team feels that siblings the same age or older would be best, gender does not matter. Marvin loves and cherishes family time and family activities so an ideal family would be one that is a close-knit family and one that likes or is ready to spend time together. Marvin is very gentle with animals so the team is open to families with animals!

Marvin was born in 2014.

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