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Madison is a well-spoken, strong-willed, and mature young lady with a great ability to express herself. Madison describes herself as sarcastic and others see her as quite humorous. She can be cautious with people at first, but once she feels comfortable, she enjoys conversation and bonding with others.

Madison loves animals, especially cats and she hopes to eventually have a pet of her own.

Although Madison’s favorite class is English, she does best in Math. Madison is also an avid reader and reports that her favorite books are non-fiction. Her favorite color is pink and she also likes drawing and anime comics and shows. Madison has plans to have a career in the medical field.

The ideal family for Madison would be one with few or no other children. Madison yearns for a “normal” family environment with her room and a space where she can put her belongings permanently. Madison would do great with a one or two-parent family that can create and sustain a calm and supportive home where she can be encouraged and motivated as she grows into her teen years. Madison is requesting a family near her current city so that she can continue to attend school.

Madison was born in 2006.

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