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Meet silly, energetic, and brave Luis. He loves playing with Pokémon cards, riding his bike, and using his imagination to build things with Legos. Luis also says he loves to go out to the park and play soccer, football, basketball, and baseball.

When you ask Luis what his perfect weekend would be he says going to the fair with his family and getting new Pokémon cards would be amazing. Luis also says he would enjoy getting a McDonald’s cheeseburger and possibly going to the theatre to watch the new Lego Batman movie.

Luis likes school and says his favorite subjects are P.E. so he can be active, as well as Math class. Luis says he is working on to improving his reading and writing skills.

Luis would benefit from a one or two parent home with a lot of structure and routine. His ideal family would be without any siblings so he can receive the attention he needs. Luis hopes his adoptive family would be willing to let him go to Legoland someday.

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