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Luis, Anna, Connie

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Luis, Anna, and Connie are three sweet and happy siblings who love to have fun!

Luis loves reading, writing stories, and drawing. Some of his favorite things to read are football books, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Brothers. He also likes to play soccer, basketball, and watch football. Luis enjoys good Italian food.  His favorite subject in school is science. When Luis grows up, he would like to become a motorcycle racer, a race car driver, or a police officer.

Anna enjoys playing with dolls, playing outside, and coloring. She has fun playing hide and seek with her friends. Anna’s favorite food is Mexican food, and her favorite sport is soccer. Anna loves to learn, and her favorite subject in school is science. Anna’s goals are to get A’s in school and to go places with family and friends.

Connie loves to play dress up where she can pretend to be a princess. She also enjoys playing tag outside, playing soccer, and going swimming. Connie would love to be in gymnastics. Connie’s favorite food is cheese pizza. Her favorite subject in school is science because she enjoys doing projects. Connie loves animals and would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

The ideal family for these siblings is someone who will keep all three of them together. The siblings are open to a family with one or two parents and also other siblings. Luis, Anna, and Connie think some good family activities would be going on outings, going out to dinner, and playing outside together.

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