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Meet Luis, he is active, creative, and a football lover to the core.  His favorite football team is the New York Giants and his favorite player is Odell Beckem Jr, because of the catch he made in the super bowl. In addition to his love for football, Luis enjoys creating artwork at school, which he proudly displays at home in his room. Although Luis is artistically creative his favorite subjects at school are math and P.E. Luis says, ‘I enjoy playing sports at school and seeing all of my friends and coaches. For college, Luis wants to attend ASU, play football, and eventually become an NFL wide receiver.

The ideal day for Luis would begin with eating pancakes and sausage, going to school, playing outside, and having a pot roast dinner. Luis also loves swimming and going to his favorite waterpark, Wet ‘n’ Wild. When it is too hot even to swim outside then Luis spends time inside playing his favorite video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Luis wants a family that will support him by going to his football games and creating new experiences together. Luis would also like to be a big brother and says, “I love babies and would like to go out with them and make fun memories together”.

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