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Meet Logen!

Logen is a talkative, opinionated and laughter filled young boy. He likes to do anything outside, especially swimming. He enjoys cars of all kinds, but the Dodge Charger Hellcat is his absolute favorite. He hopes to have his own auto shop someday where he can work on cars. Logen has also talked about becoming a K-9 Police officer someday. He loves dogs, especially German Shepherds.

Logen is unsure what the perfect day would look like, but he knows that he would like to play outside part of the day and then play his favorite video game, Fortnite, the rest of the day – all day. Logen enjoys all kinds of sports, has a killer football throwing arm, and would like to be a Quarterback someday. He also enjoys watching TV and eating pizza and going to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.

Logen would benefit from a one or two-parent family that has experience parenting children and can be patient as he learns new rules and boundaries in a home.

Logen was born in 2010.

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