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Logen & Jessie

Meet brothers Logen & Jessie!

Logen is a talkative, opinionated, and laughter-filled young boy. He likes to do anything outside, especially swimming. He enjoys looking at fire trucks and hopes to be a firefighter one day. He is unsure what the perfect day would look like, but he knows he would like to play outside all day. Logen enjoys playing soccer and dreams of joining a team. He enjoys watching TV and eating Pizza. Logen was born in 2010.

Jessie is a talkative, adventurous, and daring young boy. He likes to run around outside, ride his bike and do anything fun. Jessie also has a particular interest in climbing trees! He is a good student and loves to read. The books he is currently reading are “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Jessie says that he relates to the “Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid” the most. The ideal day for Jessie would include swimming and spending time with his favorite animals: goats, chickens, and dogs. Jessie was born in 2008.

Logen and Jessie would benefit from a one or two-family household that has experience parenting children. They benefit from a family with clear expectations, boundaries, and patience to encourage them to make good choices.

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