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Kayla loves Barbie’s, American Girl Dolls, and the movie Frozen. Kayla says she is a good friend because she shares her Hot Cheetos! She enjoys watching the Disney channel and her favorite show is Andi Mack. She also enjoys doing arts and crafts and playing kickball, basketball and bowling. At school, she likes to practice gymnastics on the grass during recess.

Kayla’s favorite foods are grapes, bananas, oranges, hot chips and McDonald’s. Her least favorite food is peas. She says she would like to be a chef when she grows up. Right now, Kayla’s favorite subject in school is science and she hopes to get better at math. She also really loves animals and caring for them.

Kayla says the best trip she ever took was when she went to the ocean. She remembers her favorite part was collecting sea shells along the beach and playing in the water. Kayla would love to go back to the ocean one day.

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