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Meet Kannon!

Kannon is a natural leader and loves to include others and participate in teamwork. Kannon’s favorite food is cheeseburgers and his favorite restaurant is McDonald’s. Kannon has a sense of humor and enjoys watching Impractical Jokers on television. In addition, he likes to play basketball and video games in his spare time.

Kannon’s favorite subject in school is music. He does not love being in school, but he understands the importance of getting an education. He also likes building relationships with his peers at school and trying new things.

Kannon would like to meet a nice family who will allow him to have a puppy, a cell phone, and structure along with freedom. He hopes to be a part of a two-parent household where he can experience nurture from a loving mother. In general, Kannon feels that women are nice and nurturing. Kannon also hopes his new family will help him experience more of the world through traveling and exploring new places.

Kannon was born in 2005.

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