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 JR is a funny young man who is all about enjoying life! Willing to strike up a conversation about anything at any time, JR is as interesting as he is positive. Some of his interests include metal work (of which he already has a 30 hour certificate for), long boarding around town, and working out. He plays football for his high school, but would prefer to spend his time outdoors with his friends. His positive outlook extends to his future, in which he could see himself pursuing a military career in the Air Force or possibly even becoming a doctor. And because he is goal-oriented, I think that whatever he decides he will accomplish it!

What JR wants is a family that can walk alongside him and help guide him as he becomes the best young man he can be. JR would do best in either a 1 or 2 parent home and would do well with siblings of any age, though he would prefer children around his age that he can connect and identify with.

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