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Jorge is a charming, playful, and funny boy. He loves playing Basketball, Football, drawing and playing board games. Jorge also loves to sing and be the life of the party. When Jorge wants to get his jam on, he listens to Michael Jackson so he can show off his moonwalking skills.

When you ask Jorge what his perfect weekend would be, he says playing video games, swimming at a pool, and then roller-blading. Of course, if that is not possible, Jorge also likes going to his favorite restaurant, Filiberto’s to get tacos and then watch Spiderman or SpongeBob after.

Jorge likes to learn. He says his favorite subject is Math because he enjoys doing math problems and is working to improve his math skills. In fact, when Jorge grows up, he wants to be Batman and use his math skills to create gadgets.

Jorge would benefit from a two parent home, without siblings. Jorge would do well in a family that would give his a lot of love and attention. Jorge says his ideal family would be willing to let him do Basketball camp, family vacations, and just have fun.

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