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Johnny is a very sweet and caring young man. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and skateboarding. He loves the Golden State Warriors, and his favorite players are Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Johnny also loves Pok√©mon cards and enjoys playing video games in his free time. Some of his favorites are Super Smash Bros., Mario Cart, and Fortnite. Johnny eats a variety of foods and is not a picky eater. One of Johnny’s absolute favorite meals is a cheeseburger and fries. His favorite restaurant is Freddy’s.

Johnny enjoys school and is very sociable. He likes P.E. and playing sports with his friends. His favorite subject in school is Math and states that it is his strongest subject. Johnny has dreams of becoming a professional athlete and hopes to one day play basketball in the NBA when he grows up. He hopes to join a basketball or football team in the next year.

The ideal family for Johnny would be one that is loving and patient. Johnny would do best in a two-parent household that is structured and active. Johnny desires to have a family consisting of a mom and dad and is open to having siblings. However, it is ideal that he is the only child or has siblings who are older due to his strong need for one-on-one attention. He is also an animal lover and is open to having pets as well. He strongly desires a family that is willing to go out and do fun things together such as bowling, playing sports, going to the movies, or taking him to the arcade. Johnny needs consistency and would thrive in a family that can show him that they are in it for the long haul and are also willing to support him in maintaining connections to his bio family.

Johnny was born in 2010.

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