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Jersiaah is a charming, polite, and easy going 12-year old boy. He just started participating in a robotics club at school and loves it! His favorite subject in school is science because he likes all the experiments he can try in class. Science to him is the coolest because there is always something new to learn. He also loves to read and more specifically he enjoys long books that he can read through out the weekend. Jersiaah enjoys being outside and he really likes playing basketball. Jersiaah has a competitive spirit and really enjoys playing football and basketball. He is a Golden State Warriors fan and he has a great ability to memorize facts and statistics about the games he watches and he lights up when he gets to share this passion of his with others.

Jersiaah used to do karate, and hopes to get back into it one day. He also enjoys building different things out of Legos. Jersiaah is a big fan of dogs and hopes to train and raise one of his own one day so he can show him all of the cool tricks he has learned on YouTube. He loves animals and likes going on trips to the zoo. His favorite vacation was a trip to California where he visited Sea World. Jersiaah didn’t just love the Sea World experience; he loved the beach too. He hopes to visit San Diego one day and see a seal while he’s there!

Jersiaah will do well in a one or two parent home with or without siblings. An ideal family for Jersiaah would be patient and dedicated to him through his highs and lows. A family that is willing to preserve the relationship he has with his three siblings (have all been adopted) will mean the world to him. With time, honesty, and love Jersiaah will be a wonderful addition to any family.

For more information please contact Victoria Celaya at vcelaya@cfcare.orgor 520-314-8031.

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