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Jedidiah (who also goes by “Isaac”), an energetic and happy young man who enjoys listening to music and playing with Nerf guns. Isaac likes to spend most of his time outside, however, playing basketball or going for a swim with his friends. On the off chance he spends time indoors, Isaac likes to listen to music and play video games, and practice different dance moves.

Currently, his favorite subject in school is science because of all the different experiments he can conduct, which have inspired Isaac to be an FBI Agent or Detective when he grows up. When asked what a perfect day would be, he responded, “going for a walk in the park, followed by lunch at The Golden Corral, then being able to watch a scary movie with my family”.

Isaac would do best in a two parent home that can provide structure, consistency, and a loving environment. Children of any age are welcomed as Isaac wishes to have siblings, specifically a big brother.

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