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Meet Jed!

Jed is a curious, resilient, and determined young man. He loves to exercise his creativity in thinking up superhero and villain characters and then illustrating them. He is also fascinated with science and has conducted his own “experiments” such as building and setting off bottle rockets. Jed is a truly wonderful storyteller and is even learning how to tell the story of his own life in bravery and confidence.

This teen boy is incredibly self-aware and reflective, always willing to discuss his experiences and emotions. His ideal day consists of learning a new science experiment or skill, drawing, and reading his comic books. For years, Jed has dreamed of becoming an underwater welder and would like to have a family that will help him reach those goals, both academically and with extra skills learning.

Jed’s ideal family is a traditional two-parent home where he can be the only child or the youngest child. He hopes for a family that will support him, seek to understand him, and will help him reach his goals. It is important that inquiring families are experienced in parenting teenagers and have trauma-informed training prior to placement.

Jed was born in 2005.

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