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Jaylene & Julien

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Meet Jaylene and Julien!

Jaylene is an artistic, social, and smart young lady. She enjoys all art but likes painting the most. She would really enjoy being able to learn about all the different art styles. She is a great student and she appreciates a challenge in school. Jaylene has a lot of friends and is outgoing. She wants to have a “normal high school experience” and hopes her forever family can help give that to her. Jaylene was born in 2005.

Julien is a fun, energetic, and outgoing boy. He enjoys a good tv show, playing outside, and playing at school. He knows how to speak up for himself and his sister, he is an advocate. Julien is sensitive and very aware of his feelings. He is also protective of his sister. Julien is a good listener and he adapts well to any situation. He prides himself in his problem-solving skills and is very determined when faced with a challenge. Julien was born in 2009.

When asked about adoption, Jaylene states she would like a “fresh start” for herself and her brother. Julien responded, “that actually sounds really nice.” They would do well with a two-parent family that can have fun but also hang out at home. They would like to be the only children in the home. 

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