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James is a fun loving young man, who enjoys meeting new people. Those who know James best describe him as helpful, thoughtful, active, well-mannered, and talkative. James has a love for animals and especially dogs of any kind. James has participated on his high school swim team and shares that he enjoys being in the water any chance he gets. Anyone who meets James will quickly learn about his enthusiasm for Pokémon as well his heart for music.

James states that he wants to be part of a family who is active and will encourage him to do fun things. James also shares that he wants a family that will believe in him and allows him to dream big. Some dreams that James has for his future include going to college, becoming a 3D graphic games designer, traveling the world, and maybe even becoming a Navy Seal. A family that will give the time and structure for James to grow in his Christian faith through participating in church and youth group is also a high value.

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