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Meet Jacob, an active young man that loves to play basketball any chance he gets! Although being a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers and NBA player Damian Willard, Jacob says his nickname on the court is “LeBron” because he shoots “nothing but net”. When he isn’t playing his favorite sport, Jacob enjoys spending time with loved ones going on outings like the movies, park, or Golden Corral (his favorite restaurant).

Overall, Jacob loves to stay active and spend time getting to know new people. While at school, his favorite subject is history and he enjoys his teacher very much. When asked what Jacob’s perfect day would include, he wished to be able to sleep in, eat ramen noodles, play some basketball, and then watch scary movies. Jacob deeply desires to have a family to call his own and hopes to one day be adopted. He would like a family that communicates and help him grow into a mature and successful individual, all while allowing him to have his dream pet—a chinchilla.

Jacob would benefit greatly from a two parent household that can provide a strong male role model, guidance, support, and a sense of belonging.

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