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Jacob and Rylin

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Meet Jacob and Rylin!

Jacob and Rylin are adorable, sweet kids who play well together with a bit of typical sibling rivalry. They currently live in a DDD foster home due to Rylin’s needs. Jacob and Rylin love to play with army men, dinosaurs, and cars. Both Jacob and Rylin enjoy their technology. They enjoy “gaming” and doing inside activities. They also love board games and Jacob is especially cunning at CATAN. Jacob and Rylin would benefit from being in a loving, nurturing, structured family that has the time and attention to meet their needs. A family experienced with spectrum type needs and/or is willing to learn would be a great fit. They would do best with having at least one parent who is either a stay-at-home parent or works during their school hours to ensure they receive as much attention as possible and are involved in any needed services. Siblings would do well with a family that likes to be home, enjoys the indoors, and especially likes to “game” together.

Jacob was born in 2011 and Rylin was born in 2016.

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