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Jacob and Rylin

Meet Jacob and Rylin!

Jacob and Rylin are adorable, sweet boys who typically play well together. Jacob and Rylin both enjoy playing a wide variety of board games and card games as well as video games and screen time.  Jacob is exceptional at completing puzzles, while Rylin enjoys working on dot-to-dot activity pages.  Both boys also like to go outside and throw around the football and shoot some hoops. Jacob’s favorite subject in school is math, and Rylin’s favorite thing about school is getting to use a tablet.

Jacob and Rylin would benefit from being in a loving, nurturing, structured family who can provide the time and attention necessary to meet the boys’ needs. A family experienced with spectrum type needs or a family who is willing to learn, would be a great fit. The boys would do best in a home where one parent stays home or works during school hours to ensure the boys receive as much attention as possible and so the parent can be involved in any needed services the boys may have.

Jacob was born in 2011, and Rylin was born in 2016.

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