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Gerardo “Junior”

Meet Gerardo “Junior!”

Junior is slow to warm but once he gets comfortable, he will talk your ear off. He enjoys being around his friends, playing basketball, collecting sports cards, and playing video games. Junior idolizes Steph Curry and hopes to play as well as him one day. He appreciates old-school shows and movies such as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Home Alone.” He enjoys being outdoors but also likes to relax in the house watching animes such as Naruto and Ju Jitsu Kaisen.

He does well in classes and keeps his grades above average. English and Math tend to be his strong suit. He enjoys being around his friends, just playing around and talking. He does not have any goals as of right now; he’s just living life one day at a time.

Junior’s ideal family would be one that balances being active and low-key. A family that will understand that he is a teenager so giving Junior the ability to live his teenage life but also have some structure in place. Junior is independent but does need the love and attention that every child needs. He would be good in either a single or dual-parent household. An older brother or a similarly aged brother would be ideal as well as a younger sibling to care for. Pets are fine. The ideal family is one that will give Junior the time to warm up and be himself.

Gerardo was born in 2008.

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