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Meet George!

George is a laidback and friendly teenage boy! He loves to play sports with his friends and has played on his school basketball team in the past. George also loves to read—especially Manga comics—and play video games when he gets the chance. When asked about his favorite type of food, there was no hesitation—sushi! On his ideal day, George would wake up, go to school, do his homework and then enjoy his free time by hanging out with his family or spending time playing outside. He would also like to learn how to snow ski because he has never been to the mountains before. George would like for an adoptive family to know he is a playful and laidback cat person who wants to try new things!

The ideal family for George would be local to Arizona and be open to keeping him in contact with his family here. He is excited about new adventures but also appreciates a lazy Saturday. He is open to having a two-parent family where he could have older and/or younger siblings—and perhaps a cat!

George was born in 2006.

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