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Meet Frankie!

A clever and mild-mannered, social boy who likes going to school to see his friends.

Frankie believes in being open and direct with people, and he appreciates when others are straightforward with him. Others describe him as humorous, introspective, and honest.

Frankie prefers rap music because it has a good beat. When it is hot outside, you can often find him relaxing in the swimming pool listening to his favorite artist, Little Logan. He is a fan of basketball and Mexican food, especially ceviche. Frankie’s favorite TV show is Snowfall because of all the action. Frankie looks forward to graduating from high school and going to college to study business.

Frankie is hoping for siblings, and he would do best in a supportive two-parent home. He wants his forever family to know that he is independent and responds well when people give him freedom and space to be himself. He is excited to build trusting relationships and to find his forever home.

Frankie was born in 2004.

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