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Evan is an adventurous and curious boy that does not shy away from learning new things! In his spare time he likes to play on various gaming consoles as well as on a smart phone. He also enjoys being active and playing basketball when the weather permits. He loves to learn and watch airplanes fly as well. On a nice day, Even enjoys going to the park, play sports or go paintballing. 

He also likes to chill and watch tv with his family. When it is too hot outside, Evan likes to play card games like War or play boardgames like Monopoly. Evan likes to watch DC and Marvel movies too. 

Evan’s adventurous side leads makes him fearless and curious about trying foods from all different cultures. His favorites are sushi, barbecue and Mexican foods. He would like to visit YC’s Mongolian Grill for a special occasion. He has a particular interest in Drama class. Evan would benefit from a one or two family household what provides unconditional love and boundaries. 

Evan was born in 2008. 

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