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Meet Enrique!

Enrique is a sweet, loving boy that enjoys helping others and staying active. He enjoys staying active by swimming, hiking, bike riding, and taking long walks in his neighborhood. He loves to play card games, especially UNO, and his favorite food is hot wings and Takis.
Enrique enjoys helping out in the kitchen or the garden. He is also appreciative of one-on-one time and conversations with individuals. He loves to laugh, and one of his favorite shows is America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Enrique enjoys being around younger children and would do best as the oldest or only child. He likes animals and would welcome a family pet. He has connections with his bio family that he would like to stay in contact with as well. The family for Enrique would be a home with a lot of one-on-one attention. He would do best as an only child or in a family where he is the oldest. Enrique would thrive with a family that is involved and advocate for his needs.

Enrique was born in 2008.

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