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Meet Emily!

Emily is fun, charming, and outgoing. She says she is mostly a homebody and enjoys movie nights, watching TV shows, and playing games on her tablet. Emily is sociable and enjoys spending time with her friends. She describes her perfect day as going swimming with her friends, getting coffee at Starbucks, shopping at the mall, and ending the day with an ice cream party with her family.

Currently, Emily says her favorite subject is lunch because she loves eating with friends. When Emily grows up, she says she wants to be a hairstylist or cosmetologist.

Since Emily has family connections in Arizona, the adoptive family must reside in that state. Emily would benefit from a one or two-parent home with either older or no other children. The family best suited for her would provide her with a lot of structure and daily routines. Emily wants any family interested in her to know that she is good at cleaning and organizing her room. She says she prefers a family that is loving and fun just like her.

Emily was born in 2010.

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