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Meet Devonte!

Devonte is a hilarious and out-going young man who loves being active. He loves to play football and basketball with his favorite teams being the Kansas City Chiefs and the Boston Celtics. He is a very loyal fan of both teams. When it is too hot to play outside, Devonte loves to play video games like Madden, 2K, and Fortnite. He also likes to listen to hip-hop music, especially his favorite artist Polo G. He enjoys watching TV as well and his favorite show to watch is Power Rangers. Devonte can tell you very quickly that his favorite food is spaghetti and when asked about his ideal day, that is what he would eat.

Devonte will be starting high school! He is most excited to meet new friends and playing sports. His favorite subject in school is math. Devonte said that his friends now have the same humor as him and are always just laughing and having fun together. They have common interests like football, basketball, and video games. He is still deciding on wanting to go into the Army or become a professional football player.

The ideal family for Devonte would be a one or two parent family with older children and the ability to give him a lot of attention while also giving him the freedom to be a teenager. He does not want to be the only child and does not want younger siblings. He wants a family who will be active with him. He would love to go camping and make smores! A family who is ready to be patient with Devonte and help guide him in making the right decisions is important.

Devonte was born in 2008.

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