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Meet De’Juan!

De’Juan is a sociable and active boy. In his free time, he likes to play sports, video games, and card games. He especially enjoys playing basketball or football outside. His favorite professional sports team is the Seattle Seahawks. De’Juan also loves sub sandwiches and one of his favorite restaurants is Subway. De’Juan likes listening to music and likes to rap. When it comes to his personality, De’Juan can be very entertaining, outgoing, and funny.

De’Juan is a smart kid who enjoys learning new things. When De’Juan remains on track and applies himself in school, he receives good grades and is oftentimes viewed to be a great class leader. He says his favorite “subject” at school is recess because he gets to play football with his friends and be active. De’Juan looks forward to attaining his future career goal of becoming a famous rapper. De’Juan is also interested in being a music producer and working behind the scenes on projects.

Ideally, De’Juan would benefit from a family that is active like him. He desires a family that would take him to the park and plays with him. De’Juan would thrive in a family that is loving and could help reinforce positive family dynamics in his life. Ideally, De’Juan’s forever family would be a two-parent household that could provide him with a safe, stable, and structured environment with clear expectations. De’Juan wants potential adoptive families to know that he is an animal lover and cares for others. De’Juan desires to be an only child, however, he could do well in the right home as the youngest.

De’Juan was born in 2008.

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