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Meet charming, mature, and talented Darrius. Darrius loves to play basketball and video games, as well as make music. When Darrius wants to relax, he watches his favorite TV shows, Kids Next Door, and listens to his favorite rap artist named Juice WRLD so he can become inspired to write his own music.

 Darrius enjoys being active, and he recently joined his school’s junior-varsity basketball team. He is the fourth tallest kid in his entire school which helps him succeed on the basketball team. Darrius would like to learn how to shoot with his left hand in order to improve his basketball skills and achieve his dream of playing in the NBA. 

 Darrius also likes school and takes pride in his improving grades. He would like to take a Spanish class in order to learn how to speak Spanish. In addition to wanting to play in the NBA, Darrius would also like to become a rapper and is also interested in learning how to weld in order to pursue a career as a welder one day.

 Darrius’ perfect day would include playing basketball and going to see his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors.  Darrius would also love to go to the park with his friends and spend quality time with his forever family.

 Darrius would thrive in a one or two parent family with or without siblings. He would also do well in a very structured home with a lot of routine and a strong parenting style. 

Darrius says he would also like a family that is very supportive of his dreams and would help him play varsity basketball one day. 

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