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Damian and Rose

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Damian and Rose are a sibling group who are as close as can be. A few hobbies that they share together are gymnastics, acting and arts. They enjoy being active and they always make each other laugh.

Rose is so kind, selfless and has a a sweet smile that will light up the room. She has a soft voice and fun personality. She really looks up to her brother and it means the world to her when he is there by her side.

Damian is a young man who knows how to speak his mind and advocate for himself and his sister. He is confident in himself and he takes great pride in his role as “Big Brother”. He likes to act and he one day would like to be on Broadway. This sibling group eagerly await their forever family, they want a family to know that they are each so special and different, and that they are very important to each other.

Damian and Rose would do well in a variety of family dynamics, but one thing that the family must have is a lot of dedication, kindness and love.

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