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Daisy, Angel, Steve and Michael

Daisy, Angel, Steve, and Michael are the tightest bunch of siblings you’ll meet! 

Daisy, the only girl amongst her siblings and the eldest of the four, is the epitome of a girly girl. She likes to spend her time painting her nails, doing her hair, and making different types of jewelry accessories. 

Angel says he enjoys spending time with all of his brothers and especially likes when they play wrestle from time to time. 

Steve, on the other hand, is a bit more reserved and prefers to challenge himself with different “thinking” games like Minecraft. 

And finally—last but not least—is Michael, the baby of the bunch! Michael likes to play with Legos and enjoys spending time with his brothers (much like any baby brother). 

All in all, all of these kiddos absolutely love spending time with each other and couldn’t imagine a life without the support of their siblings. 

They are currently looking to be brought into a home that will accept, love, and nurture all four of them; and help them develop into successful members of society.

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