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Cheyanne is a creative girl. A free spirit who is an avid reader. When asked why she loves to read she says “I love going to the Library, there is so much to learn, and being able to step into another person’s shoes is an amazing thing.” You can also find Cheyanne drawing, painting, writing poetry, and songs. “I like to sing and play music; I play all kinds of instruments.” Music is an outlet for her to get her experiences out.

Cheyanne says “I like to cook, I can make a mean roast.” She likes to experience different cultures through food. Cheyanne also likes to spend time with her friends. It’s common for her and her friends to take full advantage of spirit days at school, and even come up with a few of their own. “I like to find those people that you can be genuine with, sure we might be a little over dramatic sometimes but it’s all fun.”

When talking about a potential family Cheyanne says “I would like a two parent home and would prefer to be the oldest or an only child”. The things that excite Cheyanne about being an only child is that she could get the house to herself and go on adventures with her forever family like hiking and camping.

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