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Meet Carmen!

Carmen is a sweet, charismatic, bright, and respectful teen. She is well-received by peers, teachers, and everyone she comes into contact with!

Carmen describes herself as shy but has a social and funny side as well! She is easy to be around and Carmen shares that she can get along with almost anybody. Carmen’s CASA describes her as a caring and generous girl whose generosity was evident when she used some of the money she received for Christmas to purchase gifts for several of her friends.

Carmen loves K-Pop music and her favorite band is BTS. She dreams of going to one of their concerts in the future. When Carmen isn’t in school, she enjoys spending her time watching movies, listening to music, and reading (especially mystery and anime books). She’s always game for a Starbucks run to get her favorite drink-a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino!

Carmen is proud and passionate about her Mexican culture. She would do best in a two-parent household with siblings of either gender. Carmen would thrive with a family who would honor her culture and share her love for her culture as well. Carmen enjoys having one-on-one attention from caregivers, as all children do, but hopes that her forever family can also provide her with the freedom to feel like a “normal” teenager.

Carmen was born in 2005.

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