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Meet Brendon, this bright young man loves to create. Brendon loves to draw and learning more art techniques. Some of his other favorite subjects in school are math and science. Brendon has a very hands-on approach when it comes to learning about Aerodynamics.  Brendon is very knowledgeable about airplanes in particular fighter planes from WWII. Brendon also enjoys flying RC planes and drones. One day Brendon said that he would like to become an engineer and graduate from Embry Riddle.

Brendon is also an animal lover, he said that his favorite types of animals are reptiles. Brendon really enjoyed caring for his Iguana and has fond memories of catching all kinds of lizards near his home. When Brendon is not flying RC aircraft, he really enjoys skateboarding and being outside as much as possible.

Brendon would like to meet his forever family, but he would like any family that is interested in him to know that keeping in contact with his grandparents and sister are very important to him. Brendon would like a family that is open to having reptiles in the home and support his love of aircraft and skateboarding.

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