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Meet Bentley!

Bentley is a young boy with a big personality and even bigger dreams. Bentley is very passionate about everything he does. He loves to be outside playing, riding his bike, and doing karate. He is a big fan of rap music and will even spit a few bars for you if asked! Bentley loves
McDonald’s—especially the Hot ‘n’ Spicy McChicken sandwich. One of his biggest dreams is to one day own a McDonald’s so he can know how to make them!

He also has aspirations of being the mayor someday after getting out of the armed services. Bentley would do best in a home where he is the youngest. His forever family should be supportive and encouraging of him continuing a relationship with his siblings as well. Bentley would thrive with a caregiver who can be firm, consistent, and patient but with a tender voice. His team is looking for a family who is understanding and teachable to help meet Bentley where he is.

Bentley was born in 2011.

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