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Meet Becky, she is an outgoing and active young woman. She enjoys sports, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball. Becky said, “but soccer is my favorite, I typically play defense.” Becky also likes to spend time with friends. She says that going to the park and hanging out with friends are some of her favorite times during the week. Becky is assertive and described herself as “the queen bee” when hanging out with her friends.

When asked about school Becky said, “I like learning about things, I need to find ways to get a good education.” Becky said “I like history, learning about past events, you can look at things in so many different ways. World history, American history, they are all interesting.” When it comes to future education plans Becky said that “my family won’t let me be a lawyer because I like to argue, so I would like to be an artist, once I learn to Rap.”  Becky did say later that if she could, she would love to become a lawyer.

Becky is a caring person; she looks for ways to connect with people who are hurting. Becky can tell stories about everywhere she has gone she has found someone who she has helped by sharing her story with them. When asked about an ideal family Becky said that she is fairly adaptable, but would love to be in a home to where she can be herself. A home where she can get the support she needs to grow, learn and accomplish her goals.

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