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Awaxsie & Yona

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Meet Awaxsie and Yona!

Awaxsie and Yona are a sweet and affectionate sibling duo. They are very close, and both have more reserved personalities.

Awaxsie enjoys swimming, sports, Nerf guns, and playing video games, especially Fortnite. When he is not playing or talking about Fortnite, he is watching YouTube videos on Fortnite. He also enjoys his “stuffies” and playing with his friends. His favorite foods are cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, and his favorite candy is Jolly Ranchers. He enjoys school and is excited about the progress he is making. His favorite subject is math, and he hopes to be a police officer one day.

Yona enjoys dolls, princesses, dresses, getting her hair done, and singing. Like Awaxsie, she also enjoys electronics and likes to play on her tablet. Yona is quiet and lovable. She likes a lot of one-on-one time with others. She can be shy at first but will open up after a bit. She also enjoys being silly and laughing.

Both Awaxsie and Yona love animals and hope to have their own pets in the future. They would love an active family that goes on adventures and likes to explore new things. An ideal family would be able to provide both children with individual quality time, such as playing games with Awoxsie or cuddling with Yona. The children would like a home with two parents and if there are other children in the home, it would be best if they were older.

Awaxsie was born in 2010 and Yona was born in 2014.

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