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Arianna is an intelligent, easygoing, and independent young lady who absolutely loves to read! Her favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and comics. She is also quite artistic and enjoys drawing with charcoal, pens, and other media. Arianna also likes watching anime, going running, and listening to music.

Arianna’s favorite types of music are rock and pop because she likes the meaning of the words. She enjoys listening to a variety of artists and would have a long list of her favorites. In addition to running, Arianna also enjoys basketball. Arianna finds these activities to be good stress relievers. She also enjoys going to see new movies in the theater. When it’s really hot outside, you can find Arianna exploring libraries and studying Greek mythology.

Arianna’s favorite thing to eat is carne asada fries, and her favorite drinks are Sprite and Dr. Pepper. She has several different restaurants which she would consider her favorites. Her list includes Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC, Black Bear Diner, and Olive Garden.

Arianna enjoys school and does well in her classes. Her favorite subjects are math and English. She is also working on learning Spanish which is a goal she would really like to accomplish. Some other goals Arianna has for the future include attending college and becoming an author.

Arianna is looking for a family with two parents and older and younger siblings. She is also open to being an only child.

Arianna would like to find a family who can give her a lot of attention. Arianna thinks some good family activities would include watching TV together and going on “adventures.” One thing Arianna would like to tell potential families is “My face is in a book all the time.”

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